Smitchie Story ll Chapter 11 (M 13.15)

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Зарубежка - ONLY ONE MORE HOUR UNTIL THE GAME! WISH GERMANY LUCK IF YOU AREN'T FOR SPAIN! :D Enjoy Chapter 11: It happened on Friday morning, the week continued normally until Connie heard it in the radio. She quickly woek Mitchie up and then Shane. "Shane Gray a rapist! It's true! How could the hottie from Connect 3 do this to an innocent 17 years old?" Shane's eyes widen when he heard this on the news in TV . "That was Lauren" I said and hugged Shane "I'm so sorry baby" He was quiet all the time and I said nothing anymore, I just held him in my arms. When my mom walked in the room again she started talking. "Does that kid not know what she is doing? She is ruining lives" Shane sighed, finaly a signal that he was still with me and not dead. He sat down onand hair and pulled his hands in his hair. "Shane" I took his hands in mine and sat across from him. He didn't look up so I lifted his chin. "Everything will be fine, th-" "NO nothing will be fine Mitch! She called me a fucking rapist! My life is ruined... I will ruin your life... and " "Shane they can't believe her. People know you, you have your friends and also your fans. Please baby everything will be fine" "I can't stay with you... I will ruin your life" He suddenly whispered. "Maybe you will... maybe you won't it's not your fault baby... and I will be with you no matter what" Shane said nothing but held Mitchie's hand tight and gave her a weak smile, seconds later his phone started ringing. He sighed and let go of her hands and pulled his phone out. "Hellp" He knew it was his manager who probably also saw the news. He gave Mitchie another weak smile and stood up and walked a little away so Mitchie wouldn't hear his manager scream at him. After 20 minutes Shane got of the phone and looked at Mitchie who was now ready for school. "I can't bring you to school...I'm sorry baby" Mitchie nodded and hugged Shane. "It's fine, I would stay home but my dad is making me go" "School is better then being on the phone the whole morning" Mitchie smiled and sneaked her arms up around his neck. He leaned down and pecked her lips a few times before he kissed her passionately. Suddenly someone started coughing behind them and Shane quickly pulled away and they both blushed seeing Mitchie's mom, Connie, standing there. "Anywhere but my kitchen please... and not now... Mitchie c'mon you have to school already or you will be late " Mitchie sighed and pulled herself out of Shane's grab. "Go you don't want to be late" "Belive me I want to" Mitchie giggled and gave him a quick kiss before she walked away with her mom who was bringing her to school. Mitchie went through her schoolday, of course everyone already had heard the news about Shane Gray and was now talking about it. Also there was something new. Lauren was filmed by a man the whole day long. Everyone said it was for TV. It was Lunch and Mitchie sat with Tess, Ella, Peggy and Sierra. Sierra and the three girls from Camp Rock quickly became friends, Mitchie was glad for that. Of course Lauren had to walk up to Mitchie. "Do you know what your boyfriend did to me?" She said and Mitchie stood up, she would not let them all believe what Lauren said. "Shane did nothing to you so shut your ugly mouth will you? Do you know that you are ruining his life just because he doesn't think you are attractiv? You could hurt me instead of him. You are so heartless and believe me only good-looking is not what a boy sees in a girl. Maybe in high school it is but we all grow up and you will be the one who will be left behind. Personality is important but you are such a bitch and when your lie hurts Shane in any way you will pay" The camera man was filming the whole conversation, more Mitchie directly now. When she noticed this she turned towards the camera. "Okay so I don't know if this really will be shown in TV but I just want to say that Shane Gray is not a rapist! He didn't even touch that bitch!"***Sry for the wait my friend called ^^ интересный сюжет

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